We can’t help but feel a little bad for Brian Williams, as both Jim Carrey and Jerry Seinfeld took aim at the disgraced NBC Nightly News host during Sunday's SNL anniversary special.
“Can I ask you a question guys?” Carrey said with a smile while talking to Matt Lauer Savannah Guthrieon the show’s red carpet. “Where are ya’ hiding Brian Williams?” The question made everyone, including bystander Tina Fey uncomfortable. “I just wanna say something in his defense. If the helicopter in front of my gets hit I’m taking the story.”
Twitter was pleased:

Later on in the evening Jerry Seinfeld took an opportunity to put in his two cents regarding the Brian Williams controversy:

“You know there are so many things about Saturday Night Live that people don’t know. Like for example, I just found out that one of the original cast members in 1975 was Brian Williams. I don’t know if that’s true, but I never heard that. It doesn’t sound true.”
Twitter was a little less impressed this time around: