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So Jessica Alba's business venture — the billion-dollar-valued Honest Company, is being sued because it "deceptively and misleadingly labeled and marketed" several products as "natural" when the ingredients are anything but. Can you imagine? And the plaintiff, Jonathan D. Rubin, is asking for about $5 million for the injustice.

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Alba herself, apparently, can't, as she's released a statement about the suit. "Our formulations are made with integrity and strict standards of safety, and we label each ingredient that goes into every product — not because we have to, but because it's the right thing to do," she says, according to Business Insider. "The allegations against us are baseless and without merit. We strongly stand behind our products and the responsibility we have to our consumers. We are steadfast in our commitment to transparency and openness." So ... that settles that? Probably not.

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