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Jimmy Fallon chats with Hillary Clinton on "The Tonight Show" on Sept. 20.

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This election season is so overheated not even Jimmy Fallon can make it out alive. The Internet (or the one that’s terrified of Trump anyway) has been none too happy with the late-night host, who had The Donald on last week did more than fail to call him out on whatever 50 terrible things he’d just said. He also failed to not tinker with that dyed muskrat atop his head.

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TMZ caught a tuxedo’d Fallon walking into a limo and pestered him about it. They started light, asking what it’s like to touch his hair. (Fallon compared it to the stuff inside an Easter basket.) When it came to all the hoopla over him normalizing a bigoted monster who might help bring forth End Times, Fallon defensively pointed to the obvious: “Have you seen my show? I’m never hard on anyone.” He also pointed out he was having Hillary on, in the interest of balance (or its 2016 Election Year equivalent, anyway).

Sure enough, our only hope for averting the apocalypse was on “The Tonight Show” last night, and Fallon didn’t even grill her about Benghazi or Vince Foster. Instead he jokingly donned a surgical mask, asked if Bill was a good nurse (“He was very solicitous,” Clinton replied) — you know, the usual Fallon stuff not worth mentioning.


Below is Fallon's TMZ run-in:

And here's him chatting with Hillary:

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