Jimmy Fallon’s charming parody “Joking Bad” pays loving tribute to the AMC series “Breaking Bad,” complete with priceless cameos by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The 13-minute video features Fallon as a joke-writing version of Walter White, who helps a punked out, “bitch”-spewing Steve Higgins improve his joke formula.


The duo gears up in their hazmat suits as they create exceptional jokes and push them onto joke dealers — a la Water's meth business on the real "Breaking Bad." A.D. Miles does a spot-on impersonation of Hank, as he trails Fallon to find out who is behind the great jokes that are circulating.


Get ready for cameos from Bob Odenkirk, reprising his role as Saul Goodman, and Colin Quinn. But the biggest surprise is Jay Leno’s cameo: We’ll let you see that for yourself, but it involves a desk bell.