joan rivers Joan Rivers made rude comments about someone's appearance.
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No one ever thought Joan Rivers was nice, but she seemed to go too far when she went on a rant about Lena Dunham's appearance and called her fat.

It all started when she said to Howard Stern on his radio show, "Let me ask you something: Lena Dunham - who I think is, again, terrific - how could she wear dresses above the knee?"

Stern responded, "I think the thing we love about her is that she doesn't give a s--," but Rivers disagreed, saying, “Oh, every woman gives a s--.”

When Stern's co-host Robin Quivers said perhaps Dunham's message is, "Just because I don't look like a bikini girl - I want a bikini," Rivers continued her tirade against Dunham's body. "Yeah, but ... that's wrong," said Rivers. "You're sending a message out to people saying, 'It's okay, stay fat. Get diabetes it's okay. Everybody die. Lose your fingers."


Stern defended Dunham and said that he doesn't believe Dunham is trying to make a statement with her body and she's simply trying to make people laugh. He also pointed out that not every woman is like Rivers and puts so much weight into appearance. Rivers then attacked Dunham's allegedly Photoshopped cover and said, "Then don't go on Vogue's cover. She looked gorgeous - didn't know it was her."

Rivers did say she would offer to dress Dunham if she saw her at a party, though she admitted that Dunham would probably turn her down. She also gave some advice to the young actress: "Don't let them laugh at you physically."

Finally, to close her argument, Rivers practically called Dunham dangerous. "I'm saying if you look the way you look, Lena, and that's fine and you're funny, but don't say it's okay that other girls can look like this," she said. "Try to look better. Try to look better."

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