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There’s a whole mini market out there of “unauthorized” bios of famous shows, but how often do people admit parts of them are accurate? Speaking at the panel for “Grandfathered” at the Television Critics Association press tour today, John Stamos admitted that a clip from the unauthorized "Full House" movie is actually pretty accurate. The movie shows him expressing some frustration with the Olsen twins, which Stamos said was true. “The Olsen twins cried a lot,” he said. It was so bad, they were briefly replaced with a set of "unattractive redheaded kids" before returning.

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But it couldn’t have been that bad — the baby on his new show is played by a set of twins, just as Michelle was on “Full House,” and he said when they misbehave, he reminds them that he helped make another set of twins a lot of money. “It you stop crying, you can have a clothing line,” he joked.