Jon Hamm didn't get a throat problem checked out until he was coughing up blood.


"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm is having surgery to remove a polyp in his throat.


Hamm's "Mad Men" costar January Jones was heard discussing Hamm's upcoming surgery after the Emmys at the Governors Ball. According to Life and Style, Hamm needs to have one large polyp removed from his vocal cords, which doctors discovered after he began coughing up blood(!)


He didn't check it out until he was coughing up blood? Sounds like he's as stoic as his character Don Draper. No word on whether Hamm's surgery will interfere with his "Mad Men" shooting schedule. Maybe Don will have to be even more stoic and silent than usual for awhile. Anyway, feel better, Jon!


Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm hosted what must have been the coolest party ever after Sunday’s Emmy Awards. And all you had to do to get in was not win an Emmy.


OK, that’s not all you had to do. Probably you also had to be their friend or something. Still, partying with Don Draper and the star of “Parks and Recreation” must have taken the sting out of their Emmy non-wins for stars like Aubrey Plaza, Elisabeth Moss and Zooey Deschanel.