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'Judas': Seven thoughts about the new Lady Gaga video

Norman Reedus! Norman Reedus!!

Lady Gaga's new video for "Judas" leaked yesterday, and while we weren't big fans of the song, we were curious to see what avant-garde conceptual references the Gags would whip out this time. Did we enjoy it? Our thoughts below:

»Is Jesus being played by a Hispanic actor? That's ... sort of clever, we guess?

»This is going to sound really bitchy, but the wig— we think it's a wig — Gaga is wearing around the 1:15 mark kind of makes her look like a drag queen.

»But we definitely prefer the facial tattoos to the facial prosthetics. Glad those are off.

»And we love the nun's habit/bandana thing Gaga's got going on. Especially because it's probably actually some bizarre artistic statement, but it just makes her look like a 15-year-old mallrat.

»Not liking the dance. Sorry. But that "elbows at 90 degrees, sway your arms back and forth" thing Gaga breaks out a few times reminds us of nothing more than middle-school musical choreography.

»Norman Reedus! Norman Reedus!! You may know the actor playing Judas from his stint as one of the Boondock Saints (ugh), but to Metro he will always be Travis from the little-loved 2000 thriller "Gossip."

»On the intercutting at the climax of the video: Just as we'd happily bet our next paycheck that Gaga watched "Kill Bill" before dreaming up the "Telephone" video, we're totally sure Gaga popped an Ambien and watched "The Godfather" the night before this concept was due.

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