Dame Julie Andrews Julie Andrews originated the role of Maria in "The Sound of Music." Credit: Getty Images

Twitter was pretty rough on Carrie Underwood during NBC's live production of "The Sound of Music" last night — partly because Twitter is not known for its kindness and restraint, but also because so many musical theater fans felt protective of Julie Andrews and her original performance as Maria.

But one person who felt just fine about Carrie Underwood stepping into her dirndl? Julie Andrews herself.

Country singer Underwood revealed that she reached out to the legendary musical star before taking on the role.


"She's so wonderful," Underwood told E! Online. "She's been so great to us and that means a lot. Whenever I do a cover of somebody's song or whatever, I always get permission of the artist first. I'm like, 'If you hate me, let me know and I won't sing your song!' So it was really really important for her to do that and, just, what a lovely person."

Well, of course she's lovely. She is Julie $%*#@ Andrews. She owns the copyright on lovely. She could kill a man with lovely at fifty paces. Do not even try to be as lovely as her, Carrie Underwood, because lovely is her thing, and she could lovely you to tiny country-fried smithereens. Oh look, I've become Twitter.

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