This is the last thing you'll see before Justin Bieber rips your cell phone out of your hand. Credit: Reuters This is the last thing you'll see before Justin Bieber rips your cellphone out of your hand.
Credit: Reuters


Justin Bieber is developing quite the weird little rap sheet. The pop star has been accused of graffiti, vandalism, getting his bodyguards to beat up a guy, and now, very short theft.



Bieber was at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a sports complex, when he and his entourage reportedly got into an altercation with a group of men by the batting cages. According to TMZ, a woman claims that during the altercation, Bieber saw her take out her cellphone and came over to confront her about whether she'd taken pictures. The woman says that when she refused to show him her phone, Bier reached into her purse and took it.


The two wrestled for the phone and Justin tore it out of her hand, but couldn't see her photo stream because the phone was locked, she told police. Bieber gave the phone back and insisted that she erase the photos. After she unlocked the phone and showed him she'd never taken any in the first place, Bieber finally left her alone, she said.

The unnamed woman filed a criminal complaint. The LAPD confirmed to CNN that Bieber has been accused of attempted robbery. However, no charges have been filed.

Poor ol' Bieber can't win. When he tries to cover up one potential scandal (whatever batting cage-adjacent altecation he and his dudes got up to) he ends up embroiled in another (a one-man censorship brigade). Maybe he should buy a private island. Seems like the best solution for all of us if he just isolates himself in Biebervania.