Justin Bieber announces retirement on Twitter, ruins Christmas for these people

Justin Bieber announced his retirement on Twitter and ruined Christmas for many Beliebers.

'Twas the night before Christmas when Justin Bieber announced his retirement on Twitter, just one night before the release of "Justin Bieber's Believe" movie.




This put Beliebers all over the world in a frenzy, many of whom pronounced this year's holiday the worst Christmas ever. There were a lot of emotions, a lot of emojis and a lot of hashtags.





What is life, indeed without Justin Bieber. But we may never have to answer that question, because the Biebs followed his retirement tweet with a couple of cryptic posts.



Forever. And maybe Bieber just means forever in a "My music died for your sins and I will live on in your hearts" kind of way. If he really is retiring, though, we hope he gets it together and stops peeing in buckets and hanging out with prostitutes in Brazil. Here's to 2014, Justin.

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