Justin Bieber's questionable graffiti is, at least, legal, he claims. Justin Bieber's questionable graffiti isn't even legal, as he previously claimed.


Whoops! Justin Bieber claimed yesterday that he had permission to spray paint graffiti in Brazil. He did have permission, it turns out — but not for where he ultimately tagged.


Brazil police are charging the Biebs with "defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means,"according to the BBC. But apparently the whole thing was a misunderstanding: The pop star had permission to tag a designated graffiti wall in Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Village, but in order to avoid his screaming fans he decided to tag a nearby hotel instead. Bieber's posse "was led to believe it was fine," a source told People.


The Rio police, however, apparently see a difference between tagging one authorized wall and tagging wherever the hell you feel like it, and the difference is between pretend graffiti and actual graffiti. Luckily for Bieber, the authorities also consider it a minor offense, so he's unlikely to see any jail time — especially because he's already on a flight to Paraguay.


The Canadian pop star postedseveral photos to Instagram of himself engaged in his “new hobby,”spraying city walls with crude cartoons and messages. On one wall, he’s seen writing “R.I.P. Pac,” though it’s unclear if he’s honoring Tupac Shakur or his recently deceased hamster, which he named after the late rapper — or both.