justin-bieber-pic-602x407 We don't want to know what's going on just outside of the frame.

What's the best way to distract from a sexting scandal, alleged drug abuse and possible criminal vandalism charges? How about adding public urination into the mix?

That's the strategy that Justin Bieber is reportedly deploying, at any rate. Biebs and his posse are in Colorado right now; they were on the road when the pop star felt the sudden call of nature and decided to pull over to relieve himself. But not in the woods or off the freeway — rather, in the affluent residential neighborhood of Snowmass.


According to TMZ, local residents looked on in shock as Bieber peed in the snow right in front of them. After he'd zipped up and headed off to take care of whatever important Bieber business he was pursuing, they crept up to the scene of the crime and found that he'd whizzed his initials into the snow.

At least he's creative. Most celebrities' downward spirals are pretty boring, at least from the outside: drugs, booze, drugs, girls, fights, drugs. Bieber has all of that, but also public urination and pranks. It certainly keeps things lively.

Bieber has no problem whipping out Li'l Justin on any occasion: He reportedly likes to send photos of his junk to on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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