Justin Bieber mugshot This is Justin Bieber's mugshot. Did you really expect it to look any different?
Credit: Miami Beach Police

While we heap scorn on Justin Bieber for driving drunk and drag racing on a residential street, let's save at least a medium-sized pile of scorn for those dumbos who encouraged him. I'm talking about the posse that not only let him get behind the wheel while wasted, but actually encouraged him to race and blocked off a residential street with their own cars so he could do so. Does he have a single good influence around him? Apparently not — one of said dumbos was reportedly Justin's own dad.

Jeremy Bieber, 38, was with his son all day and night before the incident, according to TMZ, and presumably at least witnessed his drug and alcohol use. He was also reportedly one of the people who blocked off the street with their cars so Bieber could race.


An extra large helping of scorn for you, Mr. Bieber Sr. No wonder your son is in such a tailspin if his own father is encouraging him to pull stupid stunts like this. I'm sure it's hard to control him now that he's an adult, but I'm also pretty sure that even if I were a billionaire, my dad could still stop me in my tracks with the "I'm very disappointed in you" head shake.

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