The Look: Justin Bieber at the 40th American Music Awards on Nov. 18 in Los Angeles. Credit: Getty Images Justin Bieber's streak of naughty behavior continues. Credit: Getty Images

Justin Bieber spent time at a confusing strip club this weekend. I'm not at all clear on what he did there, but I think I am supposed to be scandalized by it.

Biebs visited VLive, a raunchy Texas strip club where, according to TMZ, the strippers "do things that leave marks." So... they give tattoos? I don't know what goes on in a normal strip club, let alone an extra strippy one.

Anyway, Justin apparently touched a stripper's butt, which almost gave her the vapors.

He also walked around with his pants down low and his shirt off, which made him look like a muscly baby who got caught in a hurricane.

Justin was downright well behaved at VLive compared to how he acted at a party in South Korea earlier this week. He and his posse reportedly muscled into the DJ booth (his posse did the lion's share of the muscling, we assume) and demanded that the DJ play hip-hop. Which is great for lots of reasons, but especially because it makes it pretty clear that Justin Bieber, like most of the world, has no interest in hearing his own songs.

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