I was really getting excited about the upcoming "Zoolander" sequel, but now? I don't know. Ben Stiller confirmed via an Instagram pose-off that Justin Bieber will be making a cameo in the film.

And while no details were provided about his character, I can't help but notice a striking resemblance between the two. And, you know, Derek Zoolander did have an infant son at the end of the first film — one with some Blue Steel talents of his own. Bieber could totally pass for 15, right? Except that role isalready takenby actual teenager Cyrus Arnold. So maybe Papa Zoolander has another, slightly older son he wasn't previously aware of?

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Oh, and if you really want to worry about the future of Hollywood, here's a casual comment toE! Newsabout Bieber's potential plans outside of music: "He's definitely interested in movies and starting a film career." Oh great.


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