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Kanye West opened up about his hopes and dreams for his unborn son at the bidding of Anna Wintour, who submitted a question about what the boy will be named and what West's hoped are for him as he grows for a radio interview during Paris Fashion Week. "I don't have a name for him, but what I hope for him is that he can feel purpose," West said, before launching into this rumination:

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"The other night I was driving in Paris, and I saw these three high school kids running top speed. I didn't know if they were chasing a guy or what, and there was a bus on the side of the street that was about to pull off, and they were beating on the side of the bus. And I looked at the time and it was like, 1 a.m., so that might be the last bus of the night, and I was just like, really saddened. I was like, 'How can I make my son feel that?' Because once you've felt that, then none of these f—ing questions matter. When you've missed that last bus before, when you have the opportunity to get on the bus? You don't give a f— about any of this. And having to sleep downtown in a parking lot, it's almost like not feeling anything. It's almost like being numb because of what I went through."

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But the most alarming thing of all has to be that West said something incredibly sane and levelheaded about the challenge of raising a family in the public eye: "It's champagne problems. It's people who can't feed their kids. That's something to worry about more. These aren't real issues. There's people at war. There's people trying to make it to London right now. That celeb s—, it's not real s—. You know what, I'm alive. I'm breathing. I have no problems." Whoa.

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