Kanye West performs at the Magnificent Coloring Day Festival in 2016.

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At Yeezy’s Season 5 show for NYFW, he premiered a new version of the 2007 song, “Bed,” originally written by The-Dream for R&B singer J. Holiday. The reimagining of the 10-year-old hit is stripped down and has a sexier feel to it compared to the original. It does not, however, feature vocals from Kanye, whereas the original included a few vocals at the beginning from Yeezy in the background. You can listen to the original below along with the new version:

Although Kanye released the song on SoundCloud, it is not clear what his role in the production of the new version is. The-Dream wrote the song itself and the original was produced by Los Da Mystro. Did Kanye produce the remix? Does this mean Yeezy is getting back to producing and making music? Let’s hope so, for all of our sakes. That's what he does best.

What do you think of this sexier, stripped down version of "Bed?" Tell us in the comments below.

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