Katy Perry performs onstage during "The Prismatic World Tour." / Getty Images Katy Perry performs onstage during the Prismatic World Tour. / Getty Images

To narrow down the list of eye-popping events that occur during the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour is to do it an injustice. The point of the show is excess of the constant-stimulation variety. Focusing too long on one thing (say, a group of aerialists climbing around on a levitating, rotating diamond framework while Perry sings beneath them) means missing out on something else. At one point, a massive floating poop emoji flies around, accompanied by various other items. There are, at best estimate, 13 full costume changes for Perry to go along with changing themed sets, and minor alterations as needed. Sometimes an outfit just isn’t complete without a butterfly fascinator, is it?

Perry, who swept through Boston on a two-night stand prior to heading to Philadelphia for a two-night visit to the Wells Fargo Center Aug. 4 and 5, was in belting, jumproping, flying good spirits while in Boston. This is not a person who takes it easy during a show. Accompanied by a very game group of backup dancers, Perry managed to be involved in a great deal of the spectacle and included most of her hits. She also took time for a few quiet songs during which she chatted with fans, several of whom were invited onstage with her. The reason? She’d ordered a pizza, but couldn’t eat it due to a gluten allergy, so she was giving it away. The next song, “The one that got away,” was then dedicated to the pizza. Perfect!


Many concertgoers came dressed in various Perry-inspired costumes (shoutout to the young dude sporting a glowing neon mustache on top of his hat), and were in full shriek mode for much of the show. Even within a packed stadium, the singer has a born star’s ability to hold an audience’s focus.

For such a big production, hitches were few and far between. An early microphone malfunction was fixed quickly, and at the least demonstrated that Perry is actually singing along much of the time. And probably the dancers holding giant light-up letters were trying to spell YOLO, not YOOL. Not to worry, they figured it out.

One complaint

Our only gripe? Perry’s “Roar,” her current barn burner of a pop hit, came right at the beginning of the evening. Let your crowds earn that one!

But the actual finale didn’t disappoint. Without ruining too much of what comes, we’ll just say we were a little worried about how flame retardant all the confetti was.