Move over, Gaga. New pop bad girl Ke$ha has a No. 1 debut album, “Animal,” and a public identity-defining global hit single — last fall’s electro-pop party anthem, “TiK ToK” — on her hands.

“Owww! I love that,” Ke$ha squeals at Metro. “I love the way that sounds, ‘party anthem.’ I’m really into that title.”

Well, the song’s not exactly about sitting down and having a cup of tea.


“No, no. Definitely none of that,” she agrees, adding that “TiK ToK” is about being young and broke and going for broke.

With her almighty-dollarized name and a $ tattooed on her hand, one might think Ke$ha is another bling-chasing pop starlet.

“No, I’m the opposite,” she insists. “I was recording with Benny Blanco in New York. He was amazing; he produced ‘TiK ToK’ with Dr. Luke. We were having breakfast one day and he said, ‘Let’s go get tattoos.’ I was like, ‘OK, whatever.’ It was free. I was like, ‘Why don’t you just put a dollar on my hand because that’s all the money I’m every going to need because I’m f—ing money.’ Whoo-hoo,” she mocks herself.

So, it’s not a highly conceptualized ironic statement on consumer society? Ke$ha laughs. “How eloquent. Go with that. Party anthem and what you just said.”

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