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Kelly Ripa opens up about bad botox experience

The talk show host got honest about her results.
Getty Images

It’s not often that celebrities own up to getting “work done” in order to enhance their appearance, beyond good make-up and hair styles. But in an industry that relies so heavily on looks, many of our favorite celebrities are going under the knife and the needle in order to look their best.

On Wednesday’s episode of her show “Live with Kelly,” Kelly Ripa opened up about an experience with botox that didn’t work out so well. According to People, while co-hosting with Fox political commentator Megyn Kelly following the election, Ripa shared: “I got bad Botox about … what was it, a year ago? And it wasbad. It did something to my good side, so then I had two bad sides. I’m not kidding!” The host was adamant about not going into further details, but we give the 46-year-old props for being honest about the procedure.

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