[VIDEO] Kevin Bacon wishes everyone happy holidays with '12 Degrees of Christmas'

Enjoy this Christmas jingle courtesy of Kevin Bacon.



As everyone, everywhere leaps from their desks at 5 p.m. sharp to race frantically to jump aboard the various planes, trains and automobiles that will transport them to their homes of origin (where they will partake in lots of drinking to deal with all that familial holiday cheer) we'll just leave you all with this.



Kevin Bacon has a Christmas message for you, and he's written it into a song. He's also enlisted an ensemble of faces, some more recognizable than others, to help him sing it. It's "12 Degrees of Christmas," a riff on that age-old Kevin Bacon joke and, well, it's kind of weird. It's also uplifting and sweet, in its weird way and, if you take nothing else from it, take this:


Kevin Bacon doesn't know what the hell a partridge in a pear tree is. Also, Kevin Bacon is kind of awesome.

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