Kids See Ghosts: Album artwork revealed.
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As I've written a couple of times recently, we are currently in the midst of the "Summer of Ye" — A.KA., Kanye West's month long domination of the music industry. The rapper, producer and provacateur released his highly anticipated seven track album "ye" last Friday and is continuing his prolific streak this Friday with his joint album with Kid Kudi called Kids See Ghosts. Every single release from Kanye has become more of an event at this point, with each single detail inspiring think pieces — ahem — looking into every nuance. No matter what you may think about the guy, you can't say he is not interesting! From the guest appearances, album titles, track listing, and length of the release — no detail is to small to pick apart. This is the case today for fans as Kid Cudi released the Kids See Ghosts album artwork through his twitter. 

kids see ghosts

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Kids See Ghosts album artwork revealed! 

In a tweet that just read "KIDS SEE GHOSTS ALBUM ART" Cudi unleashed the new trippy album artwork onto the world ahead of this Friday's release. The cover was painted by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami who has collaborated with Kanye before for the cover of his 2007 album Graduation.  Here is Kid Cudi's tweet along with the breathtaking artwork for the new Kids See Ghosts album...


So what else do we know about the Kids See Ghosts album?

Unfortunately, not much more than the artwork that was released today. It is worth noting however, that Kanye and Kid Cudi had a little beef between the two of them before Cudi had checked himself into a rehab for extreme depression and "sucidal urges". Kanye quickly squashed the feud and even called Cudi one of "the most influential artists of the past ten years". 

Depression and mental illness was such a big theme all over "ye", so perhaps the two rappers will delve deeper together on the Kids See Ghosts album? We'll have to wait to find out!

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