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Talk about high praise! Graffiti artist Banksy interviewed Run The Jewels hip-hop duo El-P and Killer Mike for The Gaurdian and Mike showed some pretty epic fan love for Rihanna: "Rihanna in the new Tupac (in femininist form) and as much as I love rock, ain't nobody do it like 'Pac! Ri Ri rules in my book!" Mike went on to say that Rihanna is a bigger rockstar than Kanye West.

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Also in the interview, Banksy asks both guys if they would rather be remembered as great artists or nice people. El-P says the latter is more important: "Being known as honorable is way more important to me," he says. "But being that my career is in the public and my personal relationships are ultimately private, I suppose, for the sake of the question, being considered a great artist publicly means a bit more than being considered a nice guy publicly."

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Mike agrees. "I cannot lie: as good as it feels to get my deserved props, the best part of reading social media after I meet folks is reading: 'Mike was a nice guy.' I believe being honorable lasts longer than rapping good."

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