Kim Kardashian West announced her new fashion and lifestyle website KimKardashianWest.Com via instagram late Monday evening.
“So proud to announce is now live! I've worked for over a year on creating so much original content for you guys!” West wrote in her Instagram post. “Go now and check it out! Link in bio to the App Store.”
Upon arriving at the site it’s not immediately clear what the purpose of it is. One is immediately greeted by a smizing Kardashian in black and white, and a simple “K” logo.
The menu helps elucidate some things with options like “Beauty,” “Obsessed,” and “Style” all of which offer things like video makeup tutorials, ways to copy West’s look at a lower price point and a pinterest style board of things West is currently “obsessed” with (or being paid to be obsessed with).
All in all the website seems like another avenue for the proven entrepreneur to market her lifestyle more directly to her fans.
The app store’s description of the Kim Kardasian West app provides a bit more clarity:
“The Kim Kardashian West Official App gives Kim’s audience unprecedented and exclusive personal access to her life. Through the app, Kim shares original and curated content, interactive experiences, live streaming, access to offline events, tutorials and much more.”
At a special introductory subscription rate of $2.99 a mont, West’s website, if it lives up to the promise of original content and “exclusive access to her life” could be a bargain for fans.

Matt Lee is a Web producer for Metro New York. He writes about almost everything and anything. Talk to him (or yell at him) on Twitter so he doesn’t feel lonely@mattlee2669.

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