Here are some of the best easter eggs from "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood." Credit: iTunes Here are some of the best easter eggs from "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood."
Credit: iTunes

This little game app is making big waves - "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" is thehottest game of the moment, with its #1 ranking in the iTunes app store and projected project earnings of $200 million.

It's not just the glitz of virtual fame that's compelled users to spend literal millions of dollars on in-game purchases, however - the game itself is incredibly addicting, with hidden rewards for those who spend their days, say, keeping up with the Kardashians. Here are some of the top easter eggs we've been able to find in the game, as well as some tips and tricks to speed your way to the top.

Easter Eggs

- "Bound to... Impress!" is the name of one of the many goals you must complete in the game. It's also surely a reference to "Bound 2," a song about Kim by now-husband Kanye West, and the music video for which Kim guest starred. Another goal is called "Turn Up Your Jam," presumably after Kim's own track "Jam (Turn it Up)," her first and last single which was released in 2011.

- At one point in the game, Kim asks for some comfort over some earrings she lost, recalling an iconic moment on KUWTK when the real Kim mourned over an earring she lost in the ocean.


- Other than Kim herself, the game is filled with veiled celebrity cameos. The names Marcel Tesiano and Brandon Marlow might ring a not-quite-right bell, because the in-game photographer and acting coach are spoofs on real-life fashion photographer Mario Testino and legendary actor Marlon Brando. Meanwhile, the nameElizabeth Korkov isn't very familiar, but the character owns a fashion magazine and looks terribly like Anna Wintour, down to the straight brown bob and penchant for structured tweed.

- The word is still out on whether rival character Willow Pape is really supposed to represent anyone, but she looks a lot like Kim's old friend Paris Hilton.

- There's a cat roaming the streets of Downtown L.A. you can adopt for only 20 K stars. Or you can skip on the virtual purchase to go check out Kourtney Kardashian's instagram, where she sometimes posts photos of that very bengal kitten, which she and boyfriend Scott Disick adopted last Christmas.

Tips and tricks

- You can click on objects on the street of every location for hidden extra level points, money and energy points. For example, try clicking on the bird, newspaper dispenser and bike in Downtown L.A. These objects will replenish themselves every few minutes.

- Make sure to pick up money and points that falls on the ground by tapping them; this will help your energy recharge faster.

- When you get to the interview on level 10, deny that you have a feud with Willow Pape - if you rant about her, you'll lose fans.

- While you're working on any kind of gig or date, some actions will have a higher payoff than others. Get to know which actions are worth spending energy on.

- Shorter gigs are easier to finish, so accept only one or three-hour offers from your manager if you can.

- Buy more clothes to stop your date from complaining about what you're wearing. Switching up your clothing will also get the paparazzi to notice you, for even more fans.

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