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There's trouble in the Jenner-Kardashian compound, and it apparently stems from comments that the most famous of the brood, Kim Kardashian, made in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" last month expressing support for "what Bruce [Jenner] is going through." What he's reportedly going through is transitioning from male to female, though no official announcement has been made yet. Hence the family strife.

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"Kim has not even tried to apologize because she says she was helping him and the ratings of the TV show," a source tells Radar Online. "Unfortunately, the more Kim talks the more famous she gets. She has pulled this kind of stunt before and has lost friends and lovers. But she honestly does not care. She just moves on." And honestly, I'm surprised by the family outrage. If anyone understands the "I was trying to boost our ratings" argument, it's those people.

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