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Kim Kardashian’s assistant updates fans on website and app

This is a promising sign after her tragic ordeal.
Getty Images

All is not lost for Kim K fans wondering what’s in store for their favorite celebrity after her Paris robbery. The reality star, known for a constant stream of updates on her app, website, and social media channels has gone radio silent as she attempts to recover from the traumatic ordeal during Paris’ fashion week. With many, including her sister, implying that a huge step back from the spotlight is in order for the reality star, fans have had to get used to the idea of seeing a lot less of Kim.

But her assistant, Steph Shep, got the green light to let fans know, via Kim’s website and personal app, that she and some of Kim’s closest friends and family, would keep the exclusive updates coming.

We suspect that those famous pouty lips and countered cheekbones will be making a comeback sooner than you can say “selfie.”

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