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Kim Kardashian's past comes back to haunt her

Caitlyn Jenner isn't the only family member with car crash drama.
Kim Kardashian
Getty Images

Kim Kardashian found herself hit with a lawsuit this week by a California man who claims he was injured in a car accident caused by the reality star and website and app proprietress. Here's the thing, though: The collision happened in March 2014. But betterlate than never, right?

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During the accident in question way back when, Kardashian reportedly turned left at an intersection when the man, Rafael Linares, was going straight. While the parties talk things over and went their separate ways after sharing a hug— and avoiding any tickets — the lawsuit charges that Linares "sustained personal injuries which caused and will continue to cause pain, discomfort and physical disability," so I guess that hug wasn't quite enough. Should've offered a selfie, too.

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