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Kim Kardashian's wedding was the criminal event of the summer

When you think "criminal mastermind," you think "Kim Kardashian."

If you are living in a teen sex comedy and want to decide how awesome a party was by counting the number of times the police show up, then Kim Kardashian's wedding was the party of the century.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the cops were called almost dozens of times for the Kardashian's bash this weekend, mostly for the rocking crime of partying too hard:

Officer Drew Sugars told the Associated Press that Saturday's ceremony, held on a private 11-acre estate in Montecito, Calif., brought 22 calls into the station, mostly complaints from neighbors about loud music and helicopters overhead.

Sugars said seven deputies were hired to provide supplemental security at the nuptials. No citations were issued, and no arrests were made.

Totally bitchin'!

The bigger issue to our minds, though, is this:

Guests were asked not to bring cell phones or cameras to the event, as E! was the only outlet allowed to record the celebration.

We were at a wedding last week where we took approximately 150 pictures, and we've spend the days since looking at them at least five times a day on Facebook! How evil is E! to make the wedding guests have to sit through a TV special to relive the memories?

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