We’re still keeping an eye on things in the aftermath of Kim Kardashian West being robbed at gunpoint in Paris last week. The reality star, who normally basks in the glow of a camera’s flash has been laying low since the incident which left her “badly shaken.” We’re getting morsels of intel as the investigation continues; here's the newest round of updates.


A glimmer of hope is also on the horizon for the 35-year-old. Kardashian West's diamond cross necklace was found outside of the Hotel de Pourtalès where the robbery took place, says sources for TMZ.The Jacob and Co necklace is worth more than $33,000 — sadly, chump change compared to the $4 million engagement ring that was also stolen. However, authorities hope to use DNA evidence from the found necklace to identify the assailants.


The star is also beefing up her security.TMZ also reportsthat the mother of two will be flanked by at least two armed guards who are former Secret Service agents and travel in an armored vehicle. Pascal Duvier, the bodyguard who wasn’t with Kim when the robbery went down, is still on the payroll.


While some of Kim’s sisters are also said to be tightening their security as well, her brother Rob Kardashian appears to only need protection from internet trolls and the fiery temper of his fiancé Blac Chyna.