Ever have that nightmare when you were little that no one showed up to
your birthday party? Well take that dream, and then imagine you are 30 years
older and 20 years past your prime. Now look at the
picture below. There you are. Oh wait -- that's Kirk Cameron.

Poor Kirk. Celebrating your birthday with two onlookers in what looks to
be a dingy work space filled, for some reason, with Subway sandwiches, would have to count as one of the most depressing
birthdays ever. But we bet it's not the worst. What has been the saddest
birthday you have ever had? Send in a picture and tell us what went so

(We'll get it started: We spent our 20th birthday curled up in the fetal position after eating the nastiest schwarma ever created the night before. It felt like someone stabbed us in the stomach with a knife. But at least we had friends, unlike some actors we could name.)


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