You can say it’s love at first gulp, with this new coffee cup lid that gives the impression you’re kissing someone with every sip. Created by Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok, the quirky Kiss Lid is shaped like a protruding nose and mouth, with the usual hole for your hot beverage in the center of the lower lip. “I want people to relieve their morning tension with a bit of humor,” says Woo-Seok about the warm coffee-flavored peck.

Q: Why did you create the Kiss Lid?

– Whenever I was having coffee in the morning, I always felt that holding the warm brew in my mouth was like the sensation of a warm kiss. Yet the existing ‘circuit board’-like lids couldn’t satisfy my sexual desire. So, I made this lid for someone who enjoys coffee every day, but not kisses.

Q: Do people really need a coffee-kiss in the morning?


– Nothing, obviously, can beat the real kiss. But what I offer is not a realistic kiss, but something else: I just want people to relieve their morning tension with a bit of humor.

Q: How does a coffee-kiss feel?

– With my first design, I put only lips on the lid but it was a bit iffy. So, I added a nose and facial muscles to make it like a human face and tried to adjust their heights suitably. People know how important the nose height is when kissing. Also, I enlarged the lips to make sure there will be that “biting the bottom lip” feeling.

Q: What does the future hold for your project?

– People will think it’s akin to masturbation. But it’s just a cup lid: it’s not provocative or obscene. In a while, I plan to create a line of other products related to sex.

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