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Kreayshawn is not a very good rapper

At least we'll always have "Gucci Gucci."

We've been a little bit fascinated by white-girl rapper Kreayshawn for a while now, just because we're not really sure how to get a bead on her. Is she good? Does she actually kind of suck? "Gucci Gucci" was good though, wasn't it? Wasn't it??

Well, now our "Kreayshawn is actually horrible" theory has gotten another data point. Check out this video of her freestyling on a radio show. We're pretty sure that our nerdy science-fair friends in high school rapped better than this:

Combine that appearance with this vid of her "live" in New York that went viral a few weeks ago, and could Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob be approaching minute 14?

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