Caitlyn Jenner wasn't Kris' favorite at New York Fashion Week.

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Kris Jenner had some not very nice things to say about ex Caitlyn Jenner's appearance at New York Fashion Week when the whole family donned matching outfits for Kanye West's show — except Kris is totally trying to compliment her, so it's OK? I guess?

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“My worst I think is going to be Caitlyn and here’s why,” Kris says during a "Fashion Police" drop-in late last week. “I can’t handle the shoes with the skirt. The second reason is, because, I really would have liked this outfit for myself, and she kind of stole it. I’m a little jealous. I’m a little angry that I didn’t get that skirt, to be honest.”

Easy, Kris. Anger doesn't look good on you.

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