Kylie Jenner Challenge: Teens use shot glasses to make lips swell

Teens, the angsty and vain population that represent the future of humanity, are recording themselves sucking on a shot glass to make their lips swell up. The teenage nonsense is all a part of the “#KylieJennerChallenge.”

If you aren’t aware Kylie Jenner is a human teenange who is both known for her full lips as well as her older Kardashian half-sisters.


The trend erupted on social media and the youth have been sucking it up. Literally.


Teens are sucking on shot glasses and cups until there's a vacuum, and after a certain length of time (any length of time is too much time in our book) has passed, they pull off the glass to find disturbing results.


In addition to a pair of swollen lips each teen gets a whole bunch of drool, a mouth they can barely keep closed, and the inability to speak clearly.


Our non-teenage brains are telling us that this does not seem safe, sane, or healthy in any way shape or form.

But damn, is it hilarious.

So if you want lips that look like they’ve been filled to the brim with pig fat, or like two hot dogs wrestling each other, have at it, buddy.

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