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Apparently, one of the perks of being homeschooled is you can just up and quit it without the local government getting persnickety. That's exactly what Kylie Jenner, the youngest and most vulnerable of the Jenner-Kardashian brood, did, insisting that getting an education was too much of a distraction. "Kylie quit homeschooling a few months ago. She told her mom it was getting 'in the way' of her career, and that she wanted to focus her energies on building her personal brand and making money," a source tells Life & Style of the 17-year-old.


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And apparently mom and manager Kris Jenner "gave in," which makes sense since she's totally into the whole "building a personal brand and making money" thing. Kris, in fact, "feels the girls are smart and savvy and they don't need a piece of paper to show that." Well, as long as she's feeling it, who are we to judge?


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