Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

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The good news? Dave Chappelle is solidly back in the stand-up world, having just wrapped up three sold-out performances at the Hollywood Palladium. The bad news? He spent about seven minutes of his final performance on a bit about Caitlyn Jenner — while Kylie Jenner was in the audience with boyfriend Tyga, according to TMZ.


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Sources from inside the venue that Chappelle started by reminiscing about Bruce Jenner's Olympic athlete days before recounting a run-in with Kanye West: "I said, 'Kanye, why the long face?' And Kanye replied, 'Man, you'll see,'" Chappelle reportedly said, which apparently brought the house down.


Everyone — including Tyga — was laughing, while Kylie kept a straight face throughout the whole bit. Though to be fair, she's paid a lot of good money to be able to keep a straight face throughout pretty much any situation. The question I have is do you think Chappelle knew that Jenner the Younger was in the crowd before launching into the bit? I totally bet he did.


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