On Friday Lady Gaga emerged at Pier 26 in NYC for her first public performance since canceling her tour for hip surgery in February. Mother Monster delivered a heartfelt speech for her little monsters about gay pride and the overturning of DOMA and burst into a touching rendition of the national anthem.


And it really just wouldn't be a Gaga performance if she didn't change some of the words around to suit the occasion. (See her version of "White Christmas." Wait, actually don't. She changes a verse to talk about "dreaming of a white snow man" and it's really corny). But this time she really outdid herself and ends by saluting "The land of the free and a home for the gays."


Does Gaga have the right to do something like this? Sure, why not. Her speech before the performance is all about how the gay community was always so proud of her, and now how she's so proud of them. It's fun, but it's honest.