Lamar Odom is getting his own reality show about recovery

The news is perfectly timed.
Getty Images

Just days after Lamar Odom voluntarily checked himself into rehab near San Diego, we have more information on what may have triggered the visit. According toTMZ,the approaching birthday of his deceased son and the finalization of his divorce from Khloe Kardashian played roles in Odom’s decision to tighten the reins on his sobriety.


Seems smart — even smarter would be to leverage it. US Magazineis reporting that Odom will be getting his own show about recovery. Could the timing have been any more, ahem, perfect? Odom was clean when he checked into the rehab facility last week. Is he doing double duty with his voluntary stint, starting fresh for the New Year like a source told the gossip mag and stirring up some buzz and possible content for his new reality show?


We wouldn’t be surprised. He’s learned from the best.