Rae Meadows’ latest novel “Mothers and Daughters” chronicles three generations of strong women and the choices they make. “I wanted to look at the legacy of motherhood,” says Meadows. She didn’t have to go far — she’s the mother to two little girls and she has a close relationship with her own mother. “It’s hard to imagine [my mother] having a life without me,”?she says. “But, of course, she did. I don’t know her secrets. And that’s a topic I wanted to address: How well do we know our mothers? How much do we want to know? Knowing secrets can mess with the myth we have about our mothers.”

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Best bets for Mother’s Day


‘My Mom, Style Icon’

Piper Weiss

Before she constantly donned her dreaded “mom jeans,” your mom probably rocked it pretty hard. Based on Piper Weiss’s popular blog of the same name, “My Mom, Style Icon” is a collection of 200 photographs of moms showing off their unique pre-kid style.

‘My Parents Were Awesome’

Eliot Glazer

“My Parents Were Awesome” showcases vintage photos alongside heartwarming essays about parents from the very children that sucked the coolness right out of them. Bonus: There’s a section where you can personalize the book with your favorite image and memory of your own mom and dad.

‘S’Mother: The Story of a Man, His Mom, and the Thousands of Altogether Insane Letters She’s Mailed Him’

Adam Chester

The title says it all — Adam Chester collected over 30 years of letters and correspondence from his well-meaning but completely overbearing mother. If your mom has a habit of checking in a little too often, then this is the book for her.

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