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Broadway fans may recognize “Nashville”’s newest guest star from her Tony award-winning performance in “Gypsy”, but for TV audiences, Laura Benanti might be most recognizable from her turn as the Baroness on last year’s immensely popular “Sound of Music Live.” (Twitter fans will just recognize her as an uncommonly funny Twitter presence). She’ll be appearing as Sadie Stone, another in “Nashville”’s roster of talented singer/songwriters trying to make it in the tough world of country singers. We checked in with Benanti about the important things: how Sadie will fit in with the other Nashville-ites, and just how perfect star Connie Britton’s hair is in real life.

How would you describe Sadie Stone?
She is a singer/songwriter who’s been writing for probably ten years or so. She’s pretty well respected but has never had a big hit on her own. She’s recently had sort of a breakout album that’s brought her more mainstream success, so she has some decision making to do in terms of who she’s going to allow to shepherd her into the next phase of her career.


How does she fit in with the rest of the crew?
I think so far she's fitting in pretty great. One of the things I like about this show is that they celebrate the songwriter. She's not a flash in the pan. She's been around for a while and so people think of her as a true musician, and they respect that.

Will she start getting involved in some of the soapier aspects of the show?
As of right now, I have to say she hasn’t. It’s really been awesome and very interesting. It’s been focused less on romance and drama, and more on her career, and her friendship with Rayna, her sort of burgeoning friendship with her. … It is “Nashville,” so I’m sure that it’ll turn into something a little bit more soapier.

Now that you’ve seen it up close, can you confirm if Connie Britton’s hair is really as perfect as it appears to be?
It’s like the hair is made of angel’s wings. It’s so gorgeous. I don’t really understand it. I don’t understand how it exists.

She’s just doing something right with it.
Even when she comes in with her hair wet, I’m still like, that’s the most beautiful hairdo I’ve ever seen. And it’s just like slicked back. It’s maddening.

Does she know people are obsessed with it?
Oh my god, yeah. She thinks it’s hilarious.

You’ve been very vocal about your love of the show on Twitter in the past. Were people excited for you?
It’s funny because all my Twitter followers, when I announced that I was doing the show, were like, are you going to be cool? Is Connie Britton going to run away from you? Are they going to have to hire extra security? I was like, ooh, maybe I need to tone down the old obsession meter.

She seems to have been OK with it. Is she showing you around the country scene?
She's taken me to some pretty cool places around Nashville. She's like an all around badass. She's just an awesome person.

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