Whitney Houston - a popular lady Whitney Houston's official cause of death was drowning.

A police officer is suing the city of Beverly Hills and its police department for allegedly demoting him after he reported that a fellow officer was ogling Whitney Houston's dead body in 2012, NBC reported.

Brian Weir was the head of the Beverly Hills Police Department's SWAT team, but he claims he was removed from the post after he reported that his colleague disturbed the scene of Houston's death. Weir said his colleague, then-Detective Sgt. Terry Nutall, picked up the sheet over Houston's naked corpse and said, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"

Weir said he had "attempted to secure and preserve the scene of the death" by putting the sheet over her body before Nutall took it off "to an area below the pubic region." Nutall has since been promoted to lieutenant, whereas Weir was demoted. Weir is seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering and loss of special unit pay, according to NBC.


Police spokesman Lt. Lincoln Hoshino told NBC last year that his department was not aware of any inappropriate behavior or comments.

Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton. Her death was ruled as an accidental drowning.

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