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It's been 24 hours and the Internet is still processing Leonardo DiCaprio's surprise engagement to 25-year-old Kelly Rohrbach. Who knew he had even narrowed it down to one model? And why haven't we seen the ring yet? The only way the world will be OK with this news is if DiCaprio took the sapphire heart necklace from "Titanic" and had it turned into a ring for his new fiancee. So, who is the woman who got him to commit? A few key facts here:

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1. She's a model, obviously.

You didn't think DiCaprio would wed a mere mortal, did you? Rohrbach graced Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue for the first time this year, winning their Rookie of the Year award. But like DiCaprio, she likes to act, too. Rohrbach studied acting at London's Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and has guest starred on "Two And a Half Men" and "The New Normal." She was also the lead in the CW's "The P.E.T. Files."


2. She has brains as well as beauty.

Rohrbach isn't "just another model." (Sorry.) She attended Georgetown University, majoring in theater. After graduation, she moved to LA to pursue her acting and modeling dreams.

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3. She golfs.

DiCaprio is an avid golfer, and so is Rohrbach. She actually was recruited to play Division One Women's Golf in college, so she might be able to beat him, too. She even lent her best golfing tips to GQ for a feature in their September issue. OK, we surrender. This girl really is the full package.

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