Gaga DiCaprio

DiCaprio and Lady Gaga shared a non-moment that became the Golden Globes' most disNBC

The most inflammatory part of this Sunday’s Golden Globes wasn’t Ricky Gervais’ decidedly non-inflammatory hosting. It was a blink-and-miss it moment when Lady Gaga strolled up to the podium to receive an acting award. (To paraphrase “The Simpsons,” I know what those words mean, but that sentence makes no sense.)

As you well know, she bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio’s chair and he cast her some serious shade. It would have gone unnoticed in another era, when eagle-eyed viewers didn’t not only catch it but record it and instantly turn it into a gif while DiCaprio was still sitting there downing the Globes' complimentary wine.


Anyway, according toRadar Online, Gaga’s hubs, actor Taylor Kinney found out about it. At an afterparty he confronted the possible future Oscar-winning thespian in a way that has been described as “non-confrontational” about making an apology.


Whatever he said, it worked, and DiCaprio apologized and even partied down with the two. But surely saying sorry to Gaga can’t be as painful as bopping around the snow and icy waters for months and canoodling with a CGI bear, as he did on the set of “The Revenant.” Has DiCaprio told anyone that movie was difficult to make?

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