You might wonder what a retro French band is doing up here, where gypsy bounce and Irish mariachi reside. But Les Sans Culottes are not actually of the frog persuasion. They’ve never lived in Europe. Les Sans Culottes have been holding down Franco-pop in Brooklyn for over a decade, keeping it fake. An American band pretending to be Francais is the hybrid music pick of the week, bringing their left bank sound to the left coast on tour.


Les Sans Culottes write original music modeled after the Paris of Serge Gainsbourg replete with organ choruses and hip-tossing backup vocals. They’re as funny as they are catchy. Shows are always upbeat and colorful, chock full of the unexpected. My favorite part is lead singer Bill Carney’s accent-encrusted banter. Songs like "Telephone Douche" and the new track "Gangsteur D'Amour" have you giving thanks for high school French and Google Translate with lyrics like "There is no love like Flatbush love" and "Son touche est toujours fatal, Un petit mort mais c'est pas-mal."


"Un petit mort," or "a little death" is French for a female climax, as in good times for your lady business. "Les sans culottes" translates to "the ones without underwear." Sexy racy stuff those pretend froggies. Faux-Parisian 60s dance music for some giggle with your shimmy.