Let Chloe Moretz in

Chloe Moretz clearly isn’t interested in acting her age.

Chloe Moretz clearly isn’t interested in acting her age. Last year, the 13-year-old stole scenes from Joseph Gordon-Levitt as his precocious, romantic advice-dispensing little sister in “(500)?Days of Summer,” and earlier this year she made a good case for renaming “Kick-Ass” after her character, Hit Girl, as she sliced and diced her way through a small army of bad guys.
So how can she top all of that? By taking the lead in “Let Me In” as a vicious tween vampire. And yes, there will be blood.

But audiences don’t need to worry about the actress herself needing a psych evaluation. “I just look for roles that are 100 percent completely different than who I am, as a person,” Moretz says. “I like to go into these different places and explore all these emotions and figure out everything about a character. It really depends on the script and what’s a good character. Of course, I won’t go overboard with it, but I like gritty material.” That’s putting it lightly.

“Let Me In” is the American retelling of the Swedish film “Let the Right One In.” Just don’t call it a remake. “I’ve seen parts of it, and I thought the parts that I have seen were really stunning. It was very well-made,” Moretz says. But as for people comparing the two, she’d rather they didn’t. “That’s how I feel about people seeing the movie,” she says. “Put all the controversy aside and just go see the film for what it is and see what you take from it.”

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