It’s been 20 years since a team of fist-pumping, flag-waving Americans saved the world from alien invasion in “Independence Day.” In that time, the sequel’s star Liam Hemsworth has gone from boy to man and Jeff Goldblum has become a dad. In the movie, the world has changed, too. Although planet Earth is now at peace, we must keep a watchful eye out for aliens, so we have built a defensive fort on the moon. Just like in the first film, it’s a bunch of patriotic Americans —the bad boy hero played by Hemsworth and Goldblum’s scientist with all the answers — who save the planet.

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Liam, your character, Jake Morrison, has a rebellious streak. Is this something that you can relate to?
Hemsworth: I try to live with no regrets; I try to learn form my mistakes. I think my rebellious side has fizzled away over the years. When I was growing up, most kids felt the need to rebel. But I had great parents who gave me a lot of responsibility and let me make my own choices and mistakes — unlike a lot of my friends at that time who were told, “You’ve got to do this and be at home at this time.” That allowed me to make the right choice because I wasn’t told do to a certain thing and didn’t feel the need to rebel. I’ve never been terribly rebellious.

Jeff, you’ve been in a number of big movies of late. Do you feel that your career is drifting that way?
Jeff Goldblum: I kind of don’t identify myself as traveling in a careerist arc. I’m interested in my creative path. I studied with a very good teacher called Sandy Meisner who said, “It takes 20 years of continual work before you can even call yourself an actor.” If you approach it the right way, the set or the stage is a classroom where you can keep on advancing. I feel like I’m on the brink of doing my best stuff.


There’s a female president in the movie and of course, Hillary Clinton is hoping to be the first female president in the history of the US. Do you have high hopes for Hillary making it to the White House?
Yes, if it’s between her and [Donald] Trump, I have high hopes for her. I’ll do whatever I can do to get her elected.

What will you do if Trump wins?
Goldblum: I would have to accept it and go on with my life and try to contribute in any way I can to help out for the general civic good.

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And Liam, as the star of “Resurgence,” do you feel a certain amount of pressure and responsibility for the success of a big movie like this one?
Hemsworth: I think this about every film I do: “Maybe I can’t do this? How did I get here? What am I doing?” But once I get to the set I put that to the back of my mind and I really enjoy making movies. And working with someone like Jeff, I’m reminded every day that this is a wonderful job. He’s so passionate and he loves it so much. It’s infectious.

Would you ever want to go to space?
Goldblum: I’m fascinated by scientists and science and what they’re learning but going up there. But no. I like people, I don’t want to be isolated — and I’ll miss my piano.

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