Lilly Wachowsk via Windy City Times
Lily Wachowski, co-director of the Matrix trilogy, and half of the famous Wachowski siblings has come out as trans according to a statement written by Wachowski and published in the Windy City Times.
Lily claims that she came out after she was “threatened [with] public outing” against her will by a reporter from the Daily Mail.
Here’s Lily’s account of the interaction which the Daily Mail has reportedly denied:
According to reports from The Guardian, a spokesman for the Daily Mail said “ categorically denies that it in any way tried to coerce Lilly Wachowski into revealing her gender transition.”
“As Ms. Wachowski herself says, we were not the first media organisation to approach her and we made absolutely clear at several points in the conversation that we were only interested in reporting the story if and when she was happy for us to do so and with her cooperation.”

Lily is the second Wachowski to come out as trans. Her sister Lana came out four years ago.

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