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Did Lindsay Lohan forget some of her court-mandated obligations when she packed up and moved to London last year? That's what prosecutors worry, and they may be looking to lock her up if she can't prove she's completed the 240 hours of court-mandated community service she was assigned for her 2012 reckless driving case. "She deserves to go to jail for the complete lack of respect she shows to the system. I can't believe she is still not in compliance after all of these years," a source tells Radar Online of the actress, who was most recently seen having a great time in Paris. Maybe she thought this was just one of the obligations she was leaving behind when she ditched the U.S. for Europe?

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Apparently not, as TMZ reports that Lohan began completely her obligations in London late last week at "a breakneck pace," with a letter from the U.K.-based Community Service Volunteers attesting that she's completed her probation requirement coming into court in L.A. at the very last second. Good timing, LiLo.

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